i need some advice on Taiwan and malaysia,singapore AdNetwork.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am a hong kong app developer , i have an video app.
and the users come from taiwan(80%) malaysia,singapore(15%) hongkong(5%).
they like games , and cartoon anime.
100k ad request per day(full page + banners). and still increasing .

and i need more ad network that is good for users that mention above.
type : full page ad, banners ad, video ad is good for my app.

I suggest Appnext. With our self-serve advertising platform we have over 500 live app install campaigns and dozens of campaigns in APAC and specifically in the countries you mentioned. Ping me in private to discuss further.

my email : icomic555 @ gmail

appnext is a solid choice, or you can try startappp

seems not too many options…

Hey @googlecom - if you want to consider ads that look good to your users as well, make sure you check out native ads from Avocarrot. There are other Hong Kong app developers that are enjoying high fill rates in the countries you mentioned above and use the flexible native ad technology to keep a good user experience.

I’d suggest to have a look at the “Feed” or “Tile” ad layouts in particular which generally work well for video apps.

Hi Googlecom,

Airpush has plenty of available ad inventory available for the APAC region.
Our 360 ads are highly engaging to users and performing 5 times better than traditional banners.
Our smart wall is a collection of various in app ad types, including interstitials, videos, overlay ads and more.

Check out our interactive demo site at Airpush Publisher Demo

LMK if you want to chat further.


NOTIFY is a GREAT option here. Our fill rate for those areas is solid. Check us out!

Best Regards,

Hey, man, why not have a try of Mobvista.
They are based in China and have very good campaigns.