I need help with AdMob

Can someone tell me why i am not having impression

i am new to AdMob i never used before ads ?



you actually do have impressions. The field which is named as “CPM Impressions”, is fine with that kind of stats. Admob runs CPC and CPM campaigns, and mostly it runs CPC campaign(I would say 99%). So, that’s why you got CPC impressions and not CPM Impressions. I also doesnt have CPM Impresions, they are most time at 0.

Am i earning good ? i saw some guy with 150 clicks earn 10 $ daily

for 1000 Impression how much do i earn ?

The problem is you have pathetic request/impressions. For a 1000 imp, you should earn around $0.5 - 1.5, if you serve ads to first world countries you may earn up to $3 for 1000 imp, may be much it all depends on admob algorithms.

Also, your CTR is way too high. You can be banned with this those ctr, if ctr is over %2, it means the beginning of troubles.

So how should i fix it ?

Try to increase refresh rate. It’ll fix it. Your ecpm will be lower but the revenue should remain mostly the same.

Actually try to get some users in to your app/game and from 1k impressions dont wait so much income. Change the banner’s position in your app/game, as for now it has big CTR, seems it is in some unusual place and people clicks a lot. That’s a good reason to get banned.

Regarding CTR > 2%, most of the publishers are facing it with few of them reaching 100%. I am at 8%.

%8 ctr is not nice. It is trouble. It means your ads in some forbidden place (too close to buttons, in actual game screen with like touch play games, etc…). AdMob directly blacklist you with such a ctr, if one morning if you get banned out of blue, dont get surprised.

problem is unknown location. see following screenshot


Does Admob check CTR for all apps or they go every single app ?

Each app separately.

CTR of 8 is not good, try to keep at least under 4%
.50 - 1.50 eCPM on admob? How the hell do you achieve that?

Now i disabled one of my apps and my situation is good now ctr for all my apps is 1.69% i think someone did that to block my account .

Does Admob have any technique to detect if someone wants to block your account , what happen if i want to destroy someone ?

They have countermeasures in place for fraud on their network. If they thought you were responsible for it they would let you know.

Yea, they would ‘let him know’ by closing the account and give no reason as to why while also keeping all of his money.

Is it any chance to ( ( commination , lawsuit , law dispute ) - sorry i don’t know how to say it in English ) Admob if they close account

Chill out man, I’m not Admob. I was just saying he would know if his account got suspended is all.

Can someone tell me if my stats now are okay ?

Stats for all my apps


But some of my apps still has big CTR


Should i be boring for single app ?