I need an advice for my admob report

Hello, I just publish my first game. It’s really fresh but I have some questions about admob stats.
The app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.apptogo.runalien

I know it’s not english but you probably know what is what.

I use banner after dead and interstial after returning to menu. Banner is 256/256 without any clicks with 100% fillrate which I undesrand because ads are impressed while banner is invisible during the gameplay.

However interstial looks strange look:


Why so big difference between request and impressions? Only one click, is it right?
I know it is first day but I want to know early if I have any problem somewhere.


Well your banner requests are being impression-ed almost instantly.

You interstitials will be loaded wherever you load them, but they aren’t necessarily being impression-ed. The user might press the home button, answer a call or just lock the phone. These actions will result in no interstitial being shown.

From this I’d say you probably have everything set up fine, but keep an eye on it.

And Congratulations! The game looks very cool :slight_smile:

so it’s because user can just spam home button and dispite of black screen he wouldn’t see the interstial? requested but no impressed.

If it’s fine - it’s fine then:) thanks for congratulations