I just lost 5* ratings in play store..

one of my app lost four 5* ratings(i know,its not a huge number,but still):confused::confused:
another two apps lost 1 each…Anyone else has the problem??

I’ve found that the ratings system can sometimes be buggy. I’ve noticed some of my apps losing ratings in bunches, but then they come back the next day or something.

Also people can report them as spam (if the user has reviewed it too). If enough users report the review as spam then it gets automatically removed.

If you have competition then you might find other developers are doing this to you. Of course it’s only a guess, there’s no way of finding out really.

yeah the same here, I just lost one 5 star rating…

I’m experiencing that for about a week, most of the 5 stars that were lost (or changed to 1) eventually came back.

I also lost one (maybe more) 5-star rating … i assumed it was a user who changed his/her review… but now i am doubting hehe

I think it may be something google is doing. I lost lots of ratings on multiple apps. Then most of them came back few days ago. Not just 5 star ratings, all number of stars.

Their ratings system has always been unstable. It used to mess up all the time and I would lose tons of ratings, then the next day half of them would come back etc.
These days it’s generally better I find, but it looks like it’s messing up again from what you guys are saying.

I use a mobile app called andlytics that gives me app store updates from comments, ratings etc. I had 60+ ratings across 21 apps disappear for 2 days then magically come back this afternoon.

I have never seen this happen before with my apps in slightly over a year, and i check them so much i have given myself OCD.