和 i 和 i 好

Hi guys, please ignore the title.

Here is what I’m going to say, I’ll share how to use BestReviewApp with Android phone!

BestReviewApp is a famous rewards app and it’s very popular with iOS users.
A lot of Android users barely know how to use it!

Actually, it’s indeed available for both iOS device and Android device.

The difference is that this is an IPK for iOS device but no APK for Android device . But that doesn’t mean Android device cannot use it.

Here it goes:
How to use BestReviewApp with Android device?

First Step: Visit ““www.bestreviewapp.com”” with your android phone browser.

Second Step: Register a reviewer account.

Third Step: Claim offers.

Last Step: Complete offers and get money.

1.The offers of BestReviewApp is to review apps.
2.Normally it will take several hours to the reviews shown on the app store.
3.The rewards will be added immediately as long as the reviews have been detected on the app store.