I have a question about google-play policy and mobilecore.


I thought about adding to my application (Truth Or Dare) an opportunity to change the bottle of the game if clicking on a botton with an Ad.
Of course I will make it clear that the user will know he is clicking an Ad.

Is it legal to do something like that? (I am using mobile core in my app , and what about google policy?).


If you’re incentivizing your traffic to click on an ad you’ll probably end up banned, not from the play store but from the ad network. Plus you won’t get any results out of that.
I’d suggest you look into incentivized offerwalls and rewarded videos… check out tapjoy or supersonic ads.

Its against admob as well as GP policy. Yiu can not ask users to click in ads in return of anything in ur game/app.

How about an app asking users to watch a video ad in order to get in-app coins? I saw such feature in many apps.

Share app links of such practices.
Many developers does many things.

does that mean Google will consider this factor during ban?

Even i am not sure of this. but i have read in policy that app can not ask users to watch/click forcefully anything regarded to advertisement.

I am not one to spoil the market but I can give a clue. The app is those coin dozer category games app. So obviously in-app coins is important to continue playing the game if you are addicted.

But TapJoy does the same thing, how come TapJoy and Admob getting along together in some apps if its agaisnt google policy?

If your offer users value ( more lives, more coins etc ) when they click on the ads its OK with Google rules . Its not OK with regular ads networks like admob, mobilecore, startapp and they will ban you and not pay . You need an incentive network like Tapjoy or Supersonic (now they give you $120 bonus after 1000 impressions) which allows this

hello @Ziper, incentivizing user to complete an action is allowed on Google play. What is not allowed is to force a user to take the action. You should always give an alternative option or a way to skip!

At Pollfish this is a common practise on the platform. Most of our devs incentivize their users to complete a survey and then they reward them. If you need more info let me know i will be happy to help :slight_smile: