I have 2 million daily Ad views in middle east, looking for better ad network!!

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So we have Arabic App that has millions of downloads in Google play and we have Admob as our main source of ads with 2M daily views, but very low RPM: around $0.12

We are looking for other ad network that serves better RPM in middle eastern countries. any suggestions ? recommendations? offers maybe? would be highly appreciated!

Hi @SamSam,

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Your RPM seems pretty low, but it depends on many variables. I recommend that you try Appnext. It’s actually a very good timing to try us out, since we’ll double your video ad revenue - see here:

Integration is easy, and we have the support team to help you out. you can also ping me for any more questions.

Whatever you choose to do - Good luck!

Currently I also have a lot of users from these regions. I use appnext and avocarrot to monetize them and they are giving me very good eCPM.

Good morning SamSam

What ad formats are you using? Banners? interstitials?

Your RPM depends on your ad integration as well as your top countries. For the countries part you should definitely use a combination of ad networks to boost your overall rates.

For the ad integration part have you considered using native ads? With Avocarrot you have full customisation and flexibility for your ads and could be a supplementary source of ads for your Middle East traffic.

I would love to help you for your query(I have 2 million daily Ad views in middle east, looking for better ad network!!) I am using Airpush(Airpush - Mobile Ad Network | Mobile RTB | Android App Monetization) so far I am satisfied with their service and payment.


I recommend you to not use Airpush - they cheat on reports and they cut earnings. Bad network nowadays

You should try a few ad networks instead of one, and pick the best from them. Suggestions are on my signature.

Yes they eat your money…they owe me 300$ but never paid

If you are looking for monetizing Middle East traffic, i’d suggest giving YaftaMobile a try.