Making Money with Android

'I Hate Ads' - App

This is the plan:

  1. Imagine changes in ad services policy where accidental click are counted and consider as OK.
  2. Develop app with a lot of moving ad banners where you have to click X button to close the ad and gain score
  3. Hitting ad is minus points + your anger “damn, another ad is opening” and this is why the app should be called ‘I Hate Ads’
  4. Finally, imagine how many click you will gain if your app become popular. :slight_smile:

CTR will sky-rocket and ad-company will ban you + clicking on ads as a part of game NOT from voluntarily interest so, Google will ban your account :slight_smile:

And if you use admob your account will be terminated :smiley: and your app also due to ad spam policy :D:):stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s one ad showing at a time and you had to chase it around and close it. would be fine I think

it seems like you’ve missed first point of my app success tutorial

Oh sorry:eek:! Yes its great let me try it :D:):cool:

Google ban adblock apps so it will not be in GP

Have you read only thread title?