I had great idea to develope my own app

I am from Barcelona and we deals in vacation rentals and rental villas all over place nearby it and so that we have lots of client and inquiries and we want an app of android that saves records for every single inquiry and and also clients can search best choice of villas and packages and also install payment method and i had seen some app related to this and if any of client wants to Costa Brava vacation rental and app can display all the packages about query so that it can be more easy to choose packages this is my app idea … please suggest me more to improve my research about this app.
following are some screen shots that is found same in another apps have a look below.

Alquilar casa rural

I have seen quite a lot of apps related the the real estate market, but most of them I’ve seen are related to buying and selling property. I’m not sure what the market would be for vacation rentals, but I would imagine that it would be rather narrow. It’s probably seasonal as well. It would probably do better in the summer, because that’s when people are usually traveling.

Hi, This sounds interesting. Would it be possible to discuss this in more detail over a Phone / Skype call? What is your availability like this week? My contact details can be found below.

It can be a good seasonal app but certainly cant work in a long run. So if you want to create an app to mark your presence in the android arena than its something great to start.

This is actually also a great place to create a strong Affiliate marketing platform.
Talk to the resorts emself or to any tour agency to create some Rev share deals.
Goodluck :slight_smile:

Good idea, as for improvement. May be there should be smth like notification sending, if the liked villa has changes its status to free or smth like this.

hey dude, what up? If you have finalized your idea and moving on to get the things materialized then please provide us with some further information. I have got some awesome kind of suggestion and really want to table them, So please, stop this life of disappernace and join the party

Hi BrianTyler,
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I have read your posts. It sounds great! I hear of ERP system, maybe it can help you well manage all information you need.

You can add customer response or feed back as a new features for each villa in your app.

create an privacy app like leoapp

It’s sound good. I want to suggest that you can add price comparison section also which make your app unique

font of letter is little big, but its all nice

Your App idea is awesome and its work well. Hire a Mobile App developer and take action to bring your idea into reality.

Hi BrianTyler - this sounds like a good idea to support your rental services. You might likely already be thinking of this, but one thing I would personally recommend would be to quickly display a price range or other wise allow users to filter by price (high/low or low/high) from the list - as opposed to users clicking in to each offering to locate that info.