i getting 17,000 Impressions from startapp .....

hello guys i get 17,000 Impressionsper day and 386,183 Impressions per month but i 10 - 15$ per month does its normal this ?

Im going to out from startapp atm , my revenue drop more than half in this month with the same number of impressions and this “virus” advertise on exit … Probably startapp lost a lot of advertisers and now better change to another ad network. Today I’ll update my apps with appnext and mc , appnext is perfoming well , and have very kind support like Jonathan, now is bad time to be with startapp.

I’m also quitting starapp this month. eCPM has been decreasing little by little until today I reached 0.00. I can’t handle it anymore, I’m promoting their advertisers for free and this is unacceptable :mad:.

so what company should i try ? i thini will try leadbolt , is good ?

leadbolt was great in the past , now I think only works good if you have traffic from US, if international , better search another ad network.

do u have any good idea about good ad network ?

Check out this ad network Avocarrot native ads for additional app revenue! I am getting $5.47 /day for 5010 impression and 6460 ad request .

It’s worth to try.Sign up with my ref link Grow App Revenue With Native Ads | Mobile Ad Exchange | Avocarrot

I have to agree here, I’ve been using Startapp pretty much since they started the company and the latest stats are the worst ever. This is a really bad slump, they have to do something fast

It is really bad conversion rate. Switch to other network. I’ll recommend SuperS0nic

Bad conversion rate…

Here is my 1 week stat with mobileCore… Try them if you haven’t done so… Good luck

but mobileCore on install work is not ?

Hi Lastsoul,

You should try out Supersonic! Our conversion rates are high, our lightweight SDK supports offerwall, interstitials and rewarded video with video ad mediation. Depending on what kind of app you have- you can try out different kinds of ads and see what works for you.
Click here if you want 50$ just try to us out!

@romel_emperado What ad format is that for? Static interstitials, native, rewarded video? Thanks.

Interstitial ad only…

Thank you!

Same here my ecpm decrease a lot! What’s happened with startapp?

Hard to believe, such high ECPM… US user so valuable~~

How easy is it to integrate with mobilecore’s sdk?

Hi Lastsoul,

For the amount of impressions you have mentioned, you should be earning significantly more. At Airpush, when using our Bundle 1 SDK, which includes our 360 abstract ads, pay per install and smart wall, our pubs are earning an average of $2-5+ eCPM. Our ads pay on impressions of the ads. You can review our demo site here Airpush Publisher Demo and our integration documentation here at Bundle1 SDK 8.0 - manage.airpush.com/docs

Shoot me a PM to chat further.
Airpush Nick

hello nick again

i wont fulfill the payment document , i don’t want Marriage just i want put the payment with out any complex , so i wont try airpush.