I found a legitimate loan

i found this loan company online and they offer credit card loan international.
Just send your 1 valid id’s in this email: [email protected]

i recieved there loan last month through my credit card without any
additional fee

In this case, a lot of legal nuances.

It’s way better to visit the local banks and there you’ll see the best offer they have based on your investment purpose, your credit history and the risk that they assume. Or you could search online for calculators, there you’ll see the possible sum to loan, the monthly payment based on the period of time, like on https://www.lånemegleren.no/forbrukslaan. You should know that you can take a refinance if you don’t make to return the debt.

Where is it? Just show me

Well, loans online are not the best thing to my mind. They are much less reliable than regular banks, and you also don’t know to whom you give your personal data.
The regular banks are at least liable for any kind of violations, and they cannot afford to be not trustworthy. But these online guys can easily turn out to be scammers. So, I would at least consult a good loan lawyer like the ones from https://goodlifehomeloans.com/resources/average-american-net-worth-at-retirement/ about this before making any decisions. They will read the contract carefully and tell you about all the hidden pitfalls. I advise you not to spare money for a good lawyer because you should be able to trust them.