I disabled mobilemoney.center forums

FORUM IS CURRENTLY DISABLED BECAUSE COMPETITION, everyone is creating new forums and community is spreading out between many domains. This was not my goal to spread out nice community.

If you want, use PixelPower’s forum, MMWA or EMWA forums.

@Akhadian @Pixelpower - good luck and try to not spread out the community. Make one forum, not 5 forums oO. Soon there can be 10 forums oO. I not made it for cash or being administrator but to create better place for community. I cannot hurt it, especialy that community don’t want register after 1000+ unique users. People not like changes and xxxxx*forums :wink:

MMWA, my forum, EMWA forum, pixelpower forum and now my friend want to open his own forum. It’s stupid, bad for community so I give up with my forums. @Akhadian I made forum before you, you copied an idea and made your own. Now you have free niche :wink:
@Akhadian or even @Pixelpower - try to understand what are you doing? Everyone talks “my forum is better”, “my forum have more informations”, “my forums etc, etc…”. Forums battle isn’t good for users. So good luck, I can’t join in such stupid thing and spend my time on stretching users between our projects. Ill focus on apps now.

I want say that’s sad when everyone is creating forum because want to make some cash from ads or something like that. I will not be a b.i.t.c.h in this madness :wink: Enjoy forum makers :wink:


No one was saying anything about who’s forum is better but you. Every person was defending themselves from your statements. But the only reason I mentioned my forum was I try to contact david but he doesn’t answer emails or messages anymore. I tried over and over but david won’t respond.

Just noticed it. That’s a shame, I liked yours the more of all the newcomer forums. It had a nice design and subforum structure (quite large for a new forum thought). I think i was the last user signing and posting on it hehe.

But you’re right, we should focus on a single forum.

peace now :wink: Ill shut up, do your business and @Akhadian too, good luck
True, david is online on skype but not responding. I decied that there is nonsense to have 5 forums.

Yes, we should focus on app business and one community, not on creating forums. Maybe david will come back soon. There is @Akhadian forum. I will register and help writing some threads in free time.

Right now EMWA is down. We gonna have a winner sooner than we thinked :).

we can just all stay here and deal with the spam, its not really that bad, i have seen worse. Look at mobile9.com forums all spam there.

Hi @scow,

It’s not down.

@ramzixp please stop making unnecessary statements about people that you don’t know well. Making forums or building a community is not my best interests. There are some discomfort in this forums because of spam and lack of moderation so I thought I can help the community by this way. My forum will stay open at least for 2 years even though people do not prefer it.
I think none of us need some extra revenue through forums. Because each of us already earn sufficient money through apps.So, please stop struggling with people…

I have a suggestion, you may share the forum with Akhadian, ask him, try to build some kind of good relation between you two, and we can help to make the community bigger. peace!