Hyper-targeted Ads yielding higher CPMs

For those of you with the capability in your app to acquire location data from your users:

We have a number of location-based advertisers paying higher CPMs for city-specific traffic in US and UK for Banner Ads and Interstitals.

As opposed to open geo-targeting, these advertisers are going after audiences based in certain cities.

Due to their specificity, they are paying at a higher rate and receiving higher CTRs resulting in larger revenue for our developers who have enabled this service.

So, if your app acquires location data, or has the ability to, we suggest you implement our SDK and allow the location targeting in order to start earning more money! :slight_smile:

NOTE: These location-based ads will serve even if you are using us through AdMob’s mediation so long as you enable the location targeting in the dashboard.

I’ve heard this pitch before from both Airpush and MobFox and I’m not buying it. Yes, I know the location-based advertisers pay higher eCPM but it simply doesn’t move the needle because traffic is too spread around and not confined to the small areas which those advertisers are targeting. If you get a 30% bump on 3% of your traffic, it doesn’t amount to much of an overall bump :wink:

One day, in the far future, when there’s tons of location-based advertisers targeting all the major cities and their suburbs then maybe I will believe your claim…but for now it’s just hot air.


Thanks for your input and for pointing that out.


  1. You are assuming percentages of traffic for everyone, instead of case by case. If most of a developer’s traffic is from all over the place, and only 3% of the traffic is US and UK, then clearly, this offer is not an exceedingly great opportunity for that developer.

  2. If one’s app does acquire location information, and a noticeable amount (more than 3% ;)) of the traffic comes from metropolitan areas in the US and UK (which one would know if location is enabled and they were to analyze their data) then this would be a great opportunity for them.

These stipulations are stated in the offer on the post above. If the stipulations do not apply to a developer’s app, then they do not need to take the offer. It wouldn’t make much sense :slight_smile: