Hummermobi vanished ?

good ad networks for 3rd party sites

Google has been blocking thier sdk for months now, No apps with hummermobi in them would install on android 5 or later unless you had security scan off.

Use admob. I also publish only to 3rd party and was making like 7,000 a month with admob with live wallpapers and lock screens. Don’t use hummermobi with admob or admob will ban account claiming apps are distributing malware. I got suspended so had to use a new account. And yeah even on 3rd party Google was blocking hummermobi from installing on phones.

If u search Google for hummer Android attack, u will get info that some apps from 3 party sources claiming as Uber WhatsApp etc from China were rooting phones and installing apks and were showing porn ads. May b Google has disallowed it at OS level or something. No surprise that himmermobi is also owned by Chinese

I was able to make a new account registered as a business using an employer Id

Found their new site.

Lemonmobi-Mobile advertising platform to maximize the benefits of Globalization

Thanks a lot. But what about their support. They are not replying to any emails. And as awesomeapps said, are they really virus ? Is it safe to use ?

I knew what they were doing before that article came out and stopped using them. I decompiled thier sdk onths before the article and saw they were dirty. Unless you want feds or govt agents at your door stop using them.

Yes I removed all apps after reading the articles. It’s really shocking

Yes I removed all apps after reading the articles. It’s really shocking