Hummermobi is it the next airpush ?

i saw the rates of hummermobi they are just like airpush’s previous pay rates.
Have any of you used it ?

any one try ?

I created a account and I am testing the sdk integration but the ads are not showing.

I have used them from the beginning of last month. They pay 0.06 PPD for high value countries, 0.05 for medium value countries and 0.04 for low value countries. I have received payment from them three times now. They pay every friday. However, i usually find around 15 - 20 dollars deducted from the amount i receive. My am says they don’t charge for payments, s i don’t know what this deduction is.

I try to sign in with them but I can’t access my account

@fanta , I saw on their website that they offer 0.01 PPD for countries with no value , do you have any idea what countries are they ?

Countries like afghanistan, somalia etc… I’ve never gotten downloads from these countries. 80% of my downloads are usually low value countries (0.04) and a few high value and medium countries.

Thanks , I’ll try them out once they let me access their platform , I signed up but still can’t access my account , and their support isn’t responding.
That’s why I had the feeling that they are not legit.
I dunno if they have a representative in this forum

they are working as per the China working time , and they are on the weekend now ,

If they didn’t disclose this upfront, and it’s not in their FAQs, then it’s not ethical and you shouldn’t trust this network. Specially, if your Account Manager is lying to you! Just make sure you’re not being charged on the receiving end before jumping to this conclusion.

Once that is clear, you should raise it with them and share what they said here.

hummermobi is a good alternative for airpush bundle 2, if you aimed for third party market.

Does PPD mean “Pay per download”? If so, how does this relate to ecpm?

Ecpm for a ppd is what you would get from a thousand installs. For hummermobi, high value countries give 60usd ecpm.

How can it be that advertisers are willing to pay 10 times more for hummermobi ads than for Admob ads?

I mean, Google has a great reputation and is trusted by millions of advertisers. What value does hummermobi offer for advertisers that Google doesn’t?

They have invasive ads , that can pop up even if you close the app just like the Bundle2 was.
It can even force the user to download an app. So logically this justifies the high value

I just tried Hummermobile , and damn those ads are so invasive
The user can’t dismiss the push notification. I’m not sure I will be able to retain my users after this

In dashboard have a option to don’t send push they pay less 20-40 per 1000 installs. I tried but still send push. I will talk with support

also they install an apk as a patch and it has malware not just adware, it stucks in your boot untill you install it

But I think the best option for third markets are the pay per install like bundle 2 or hummermobi.

FukHummermobi Ads to invasive, Did an extensive test placed hummermobi and admob, and admob is outperforming Hummermobi 2 to 1, so for every $10 earned with hummer i make $20 with admob, admob is awesome for 3rd party and you can use admob on applaunch for 3rd party apps as well since google wont know unless u publish the app on google play. so make seperate admob apps for 3rd party with ads on applaunch and ads on app exit. You might even be able to program an out of app solution through a service to have admob popup out of app like every hour or so.