HummerMobi : Alternative for Airpush Bundle 2

So I started this thread to clear various doubts about HummerMobi.

First of all, It is a Ad Network from China and they have similar payrates just like Airpush.
Their Payrates are 60$/1000 for High Value Countries like US,Singapore
50$/1000 for Normal Countries like Mexico,Danmark,Nederland
40$/1000 for Almost all countries.
So their payrates are better than Airpush. They have weekly payments and Minimum earning should be 50$.

However, if you want to use their SDK you need to contact them via Email but they don’t reply, so I got their skype id and contacted one of the representatives.
When you will ask them for sdk they will provide a link for the SDK and the link contains all the information related to integration.

However since it is a Chinese company their documentation contains a lot of grammatical mistakes.
And regarding some issues that ads don’t show up, their ads start to show after 1 hour.

Here are the Skype id:

  1. wang.lisa61

  2. Derek.smile0

I have started to use their SDK and will keeping updating this post.

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So Hummermobi is legit!!
I received payments from them yesterday

I just got their SDK by mail today from a representative , and I’ll start using it tomorrow on my main app.
I hope it’s worth it

Ya hope so !

Don’t Publish Hummermobi to Opera = HUGE Banhammer, I lost 7 Opera Accounts because of Hummermobi ads. Ads are agressive and cant be skipped unless user clicks and then the user gets an app downloaded.

eMail from opera regarding Hummermobi

Dear Pro Sama Software,

Thank you for your email.
Unfortunately, your account was disabled on our store due to negative activity.
Main issues are:
1) Unauthorized content;
2) Your apps created unskippable notifications with ads.

I am sorry, but we won't activate your account on our store.
Sincerely yours,
Bogdan Doroshenko 
Opera Mobile Store | Content Manager | Fax: +1 866 626 9582

I published some apps with hummermobi but the downloads that are showing in dashboard are very low that the real numbers that I got in my analytics. Anyone with the same problem?

They only pay for NEW IMEI Devices only and also USER must have app installed for atleast 24-48 hours to get credit with minimum of 2 ad views, they don’t tell you the fine details unless you email them first.