Huge revenue drop in April

Have you guys experienced the same? Ecpm has dropped a lot [emoji45]

I’m using only admob - my drop in eCPM was about 30-40%. Don’t know the reason. Can’t also check how this was in the past, because I switched to new admob.

I run Admob and StartApp and can confirm a 30-40% drop for both. I suspect the reason is that advertisers are spending less on their campaigns. Also, I have notices a drop in downloads from the Play store on my apps…could be summer is coming and people are outside more OR could be that a particular type of user (student) is spending less time on their phone due to exams coming up…of course these are just assumptions.

The fall is being spectacular, after three years in the industry we never saw one month like this and this.
ECPM by soils in certain countries, countries lack of results, fill rate on the floor …

Startapp is incredible descent who have given, and the only thing that answer is that all is well, to see … they will say.
Mobilecore and fill rate below 50%, awesome.

Lack of campaigns everywhere that result in a disastrous month.

We are using InMobi and we have seen drop of around 40% since 1st April. Does people from other networks also seeing drop in revenue in April.

mobilecore is still stable for me still getting 75 to 100 a week with them. Appmext still stable 1.12 ecpm

Both Admob and startapp drop about 40% for me, worst number in three years. I see some test ads from Google :slight_smile: just “test ads, test ads, test ads” and the Google Plus logo, so there is not enough to fill our ads so that the main reason.

Admob and Mobilecore 40% drop for me

Admob 50% drop

Huge drop with AppNext as well

it is the beginning of a new quarter so lowered CPM is expected. I’m hoping they will stabilize and increase in the next few weeks. If you’re only using 1 ad network you’ll be screwed…its smart to use multiple networks so you can see which ones are dropping in CPM the most, from there you can change your waterfall to ensure youre higher paying ad networks are getting first look (that is if you’re using mediaiton) or have some internal waterfalling system.

Over 50% drop on Admob, just use banner, the CPC is just 0.04$ now (it was 0.1 - 0.13 at this time last year).

50% drop on Airpush, the ecpm from over 2$ go down to under 1$ compared with last year .

Mopub banner are still the same, it even went up about 20% yesterday. I want to set mopub as the first priority but don’t know how to do that, they just allow me to set priority of third party ad networks

That’s all for me. Most traffic comes from US

which is the preffered ad network for banners after admob.
admob is giving me poor fill rate. so i am searchong for alternate banner ad network?

startapp or airpush or something else?

I also the same .
Drop about 40%

Huge drop Airpush/mobileCore/Admob

taimur97, do you launch your app in google play store?

if your apps are in google play store, maybe you can try SinceStar IN APP SDK, which pays for CPM, once the ad show, you get the payment, even if the user do nothing with the ad. CPM up to $3dollar

if your apps are in third market, maybe you can try SinceStar OUT APP SDK, which pays for PPD.In this model you earn every time your application is installed. PPD up to $0.06 per download.

weekly payment, once sign up, you can get $10 bonus.

Very huge drop: admob…mobilecore…appnext

same here and pretty f***ed up :frowning:

Admob doing worst for me. AppNext doing good, mobileCore doing ok, StartApp doing ok.
There are always down turns, the best time to find motivation for a new app/game! Then when things pick up again you’ll have even more traffic :wink:

Huge drop on Chartboost and Admob