- Another StartApp?

Widdit - Engage your users where it matters it’s propably a site like StartApp.

They will pay 0,05 USD per an installation. But i don’t know, it’s only for USA? or around the world?
That it’s all i know about that site. Anybody use it - to make money with android?

Seen this site before, so I will check it out. Looks like there are 2 different bundle options or something. If it’s a flat 5 cents per user that would be great.

Hmm they tell me: “This special program gets you 0.05 for all geos.” :slight_smile:

I applied through the site, but I still haven’t gotten any response :frowning:

I’ve gotten response but I dont have any SDK or account pw.

edit: i got an e-mail and implemented the sdk.

for now, they are looking scam. because i cant see my revenue for 3 days.(total 100k+ install)

That sucks. Post back if it gets fixed?

I’ve just had an e-mail with all the information etc, so I might have a look into it today.

i hope they will fix until tonight. if they wont, i remove their Sdk.

And what they tell You ?

they fixed, i am using them but i think they dont pay… update of revenue table is 24-48h delay.