How would you promote a game with $1000?

I have a bit more than $1000 and I want to promote my casual ad-supported game. I’d be willing to wait a few months to get my money back and then hopefully keep earning.

What should I do?

  1. CPI campaign? This is quite expensive. On AppBrain and Chartboost for example the average CPI for countries like France and Germany is well above $1. For some countries it’s well below $1 but those are poorer countries with less potential ad revenue. It is highly unlikely I could expect even $0.1 of ad-revenue per player so this would only work if it made my game popular enough to start getting lots of organic downloads.

  2. CPC/CPM campaigns? I’ve tried this on Facebook and AdMob, and effective cost per install for these methods is worse than those prices for CPI campaigns, and this is even with some very precise targeting that Facebook allows.

  3. Promoting on forums? I’ve had some moderately successful and really well reviewed apps that got close to zero (like 2-3) downloads from posts on dozens of forums when they were released. For example I posted on Reddit on Screenshot Saturday and got maybe 50 upvotes and some really enthusiastic praise about one of my games, but that resulted in 6-7 downloads. On closer examination, most of that praise was from other developers who had posted on the same Screenshot Saturday, but few of them downloaded my game.

  4. Promoting through friends on social media? The least effective method for me. On Facebook I’d get like 20 likes but only 2-3 downloads. Even my girlfriend who was in love with me (at the time, heh) didn’t bother to download the game I posted about… just like didn’t open any YouTube songs she posted to my wall, so fair play I guess. :slight_smile:

  5. Including social features? I have Facebook/Twitter/G+ share buttons and leaderboards in some of my games, but very few players (even the ones who play a lot according to analytics) ever publish their scores on leaderboards or social media.

  6. Shadier CPI promotions? There are people on Fiverr (with lots of good reviews too) that offer 40-50 or more “real” installs per day, but I’m concerned that they could be using some shady methods (like emulators+VPNs) to achieve those downloads and that it may be a violation of some Google Play policies.

  7. Review websites? Which sites and how would I get them to review my game over hundreds of other games that are being released every day?

The obvious answer would be to make an amazing game that people would want to download and play, but let’s assume the game is good enough to not look out of place in a regional top new games chart.

I’ve now re-read this and it sounds really negative. Sorry, I guess I’ve had some bad experiences. If anyone has some suggestions or different experience in these matters, please share.

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Hi, guys!

According to your situation, you have tried some methods to promote your app, but the result is not good. I will share you some other methods at below:

(1)content marking: you can write some relevant blogs and essays to introduce your app, raising the publicity of your app

(2)cross promotion: if you have published more app that have received good responses, you can use the platform completely to advertise your app, because the potential audiences are the precious resources for your new app.

(3) advertising: you can publish some news and advertisements directly to popularize your app,and put the video of your app on websites to advertise your app

(4) leverage your app website: you can create a website of your app, crafting the page and designing a beautiful interface of your website. The users can communicate with others in this platform, and you can find the potential problem of your app by reading the messages from the users and find the relevant solution to solve these problems.

(5) pre-loaded in app stores: you can pre-loaded your app in app stores to guide the audience to install your app, which can gain much more installs of your app although it will took much money.

In terms of you have enough budget, you can collaborate with a app store optimization companyto help you:

keywords: the quality of keywords affects your app ranking. However, promoting the quality of keywords is a tough task, including the relevance, competitive, localization and plural. So, it is necessary to optimize your keywords using some effective ways. Buy some keywords search installs from a reliable keywords provider is an effective way to boost your app ranking.

reviews: audience would like to choose one app with more positive reviews, indeed, the reviews also influence the installs of your app. So, you can buy some positive reviews from a reliable app reviews provider to promote your app. Bestreviewapp is just the website to provide the service that you need.

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Hi man!

  • non-incentivized installs like Appbrain, FAN and Admob are for giant players.
    For Admob, I once bid $0.2 per install, with worldwide setting, and I managed to get around 300-400 installs per day. After I spent $500, my game did not get charted anywhere, and I only got 20-30 organic afterwards
    For Facebook Ad Network, it was worse, I targetted USA/UK/Canada/France/Germany/Australia, and I bid $1 per install. I got only 20 installs per day and it made almost zero impact on my earnings.

incentivized installs are your way, some good providers are Ayet studios and waypedia. They provide installs at around $0.08-$0.15 per install. I genuine recommend as your install provider, it offers US Keyword installs at $0.16 per install - i.e. real US users will go to app store to search for your app and download your game/app to earn money. It really serves a great drive on your game/app’s keyword ranking.

one little prerequisite though, is that your app must have appeared in top 250 of the keyword.

If you have doubts as to their services, you can register and get a free $20 trial with 125 free installs :wink:

I will promote my app with the top 3 methods with the $1000. Details as follows:

Buy Keyword Search Installs - Boost My App Ranking in the App Store
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You can also opitmize your app title, icon, description, screenshots and video to increase the conversion rates

Cooperate with Influencers
As marketers, we wish to expand the Word-of-Mouth effect from one-to-one to one-to-many. That’s where social media influencers come to the rescue. Collaborating with influencers helps us reach our targeted audience and get a reliable exposure for the app. These people may include influential bloggers, newspaper journalists, professional tech writers in social network like Facebook or Twitter.

Hope the 2 mehtods are useful to you.