How to use facebook to get daily 200-300 installs for your app?

Hi friends here I am going to share on how can you use facebook to get a daily dose of around 200-300 downloads for your app.


  • You need an old Facebook account.
  • At least 10 days before the launch of your app. Join as many groups as possible.
  • Try to join the groups which has at least 2000-3000 members.
  • Do not try to join more than 10 grps a day. Otherwise Facebook will ban you for 15 days (A waste of time.)
  • Add 20 (20 is the limit) best groups to your favorite list. So that you can access them from your home page.
  • Keep on joining groups and wait for the approval. It usually takes around 3 days.

The Launch

  • Launch your app and start posting on Facebook groups with a bang.

  • Use nice and generous word and different from the rest of the crowd. Sample (Please give your valuable feedback for probably the best looking music player.

  • Keep on posting these message to around 100 groups.

The Cycle

  • Come back to Facebook after 8-10 hours.
  • Again go bang with your app link. This time a thanking message. You will be astonished by the no. of likes you get.
  • Keep on joining groups and wait for the approval. But don’t join groups with members like 100, 200 etc. It will be make managing groups difficult.

My app link. Please check it too and give ur valuable feedback.

I agree, but only 1 post/group daily. But you need to be careful, because if you post in 100 groups within a hour, you will be banned. I think 5 posts in every 10-15 minutes okay.

So you are talking about android developer groups. For example or exchange review groups, And that stuff? if not… How you deal with looking like spammer on regular app groups with actual users, Just by Saying “Give your feedback to my app”,etc ? People wont see it as spam?

I have quiz apps, so I share a question from the quiz everyday. So it’s not spam, they appreciate the posts.

What kind of groups do you do the posts? Can post here the url of some of them for example?

I’m sorry, but I won’t do that (no point, and no time). You can search for groups easily, it takes some time, but worth it. Don’t join more than 5 groups/day, because you will get banned by Facebook.

"fantastic " really a good idea but kindly tell me if you are using any paid campaign also because your app is getting good downloads i want to know i you have started any campaign paid with parallel to you social media sharing?

Actually this guy just try to clone or follow whatever ankit did. Even the app icon is 90% similar. If you guys want to know more, better go Google about ankit music player, rather than reading this rip off guide.

I thought this guy is ankit :wink:

yea that’s right, looks like a clone.

And not a successful one.

this method is not easy to impliment, we have to hard work, to get app installs keep track every action