how to use EULA's without getting banned!?

i want to make some small apps to gain extra revenue(wallpapers, e-books …etc) and i want to use push notifications and icon ads in them, there’s appbucks, senddroid, tapcontext and appflood, these four support custom eula (if there’s more networks tell me) , and airpush who dont support custom eula, how can i use them all without getting banned?? is it enough to show only airpush eula and use other networks without their eula’s ?

I will not risk with that because you must tell in EULA how to opt-out - In airpush EULA you will have only link to airpush opt-out, so it doesn’t look like proper way. In my recent apps I use custom EULA that is just dialog with info that app is using ads networks and below merged texts from TapContext & StartApp EULAs, then I show 2nd EULA for AppWiz that doesn’t support custom EULAs. I think that you may put as much EULA as you can in 1st custom EULA and then show subsequent EULAs for rest of networks that don’t support custom EULAs. It is how I personally do it and haven’t got banned yet.

thanks, how do you remove startapp eula from the code to make it custom ?

Here is official info:

So just call init with additional false argument like

AndroidSDKProvider.initSDK(activity, false)

and remove from your manifest to not bloat app.

@eyadse93, thanks for mentioning AppBucks in the mix there! If you need any help with integration or have any questions, let me know … I’m one of the engineers on the AppBucks team.