How to use AdMob Mediation ?

Hi every body.
I’m a newbie to android apps world and i want to know how admob mediation works.
My Questions are:

1* Should i implement every other ad network SDK that i want to use with admob mediation or i just need to implement admob SDK(google play services)?

2* If YES does the same principle works for other mediation networks ?

3* And is thiere any trick i can do to improve my CPC(0.01) and RPM(0.04 to 0.08) on admob. I’m getting arround 50K ad requests and making only around 2 $ to 4$.

Thank you.

No body want to help me :confused:

The mediation network will ask you to include the files of other ad networks when its needed (SDK/Jar/Classes). Some ad networks and mediation networks are working with S2S (server-to-server), in this case, they will only need your details such as api_key and placement_id to make it work. In any case, you will only need to develop over the mediation network SDK.

ernestofndz Thank you very much for helping .
I have another question .
For admob i can see a list of supported third party ad networksSans titre.jpg
is that mean for thiese network i don’t need to implement any sdk ? just work directly and no need for recompiling ?

With mediation, once you’ve implemented the mediation network’s SDK (AdMob’s mediation API), you won’t need to write any extra code to integrate any third-party ad network supported by the mediation network. But, you still need to download third-party SDK jars and “Custom Events” Adapters (the bridge between the AdMob’s mediation API and third-party’s SDK) for each and every network you would like to serve ads from in your app.

Go here: to download the dependencies for your ad network.

All this would, of course, require a recompilation and building a new version of your app. It’s not something you can do OTA unless the mediation network supports S2S server-to-server integration which I don’t think AdMob does.

androidev Thank you very much

Hello Dear developers
Admob updated new photos regarding interstitial implementations. For fixing violation. İt states that user clicks app on home page —> app loading—> interstitial ad-----> home screen of app is a proper way of implementation of the interstitial ad. is this true if i implement interstitial ads in this way ? Ex: user clicks app on home page ----> splash screen loading ----> home screen of the app loaded and then show the interstitial ads ? Thank you for info