how to transfer the traffic from beta version to the final version

I uploaded a game on google play a few weeks ago which is the final version of an already existing beta version on play. but find that there is a spike in the traffic for the final version :frowning:
At least right now we are having 40 installs a day for the beta version, but the final version is only getting 6 downloads a day…:frowning:
I am confused why there are much more downloads from the BETA version. What should I do to transfer the beta version’s traffic to the final version?
Should I add a comment in the description like"Beta version will be deleted from the store in 30 days, saying the users to please download the final version?"
Anyone who has experience on this? Would appreciate any suggestion:)

Is this a paid app ? If so 40 installs a day is not bad at $1 per download (say) - but if it is a free app, then you may as well think of the new app as something completely different.

That is, 40 installs a day for a free app is not really “momentum” that you need to in your new app. Ideally you would want that number to be 1000 per day or someting if you have set things right - either made the app topical i.e. related to some recent event that people search for or has search words that match what people search for.

You may want to see how well your app is using words that are searched often by users. Since “app discovery” is a major issue for new apps, your app HAS to intersect what people ahead of time are searching for - unless your app gets visibility due to advertising or other means i.e. word of mouth etc.

You could name some other games in your description - though that may violate Google policy - but could post review comments in your Description (if they are positive and say something like “This is better than Angry Birds” etc.).

If your old game was established and getting 1000 downloads a day i.e. there was a certain awareness that such a game exists (or maybe it is again just a better intersection of the game description/title etc. with the pre-existing search predilections of the public) - then you could start by making the new game very similar in description and title - maybe change the title to Game 2 so it clearly looks superior or an improvement. This way the new game would at least get similar searchability as the earlier one.

Try to search on Google Play for the type of things you THINK users maybe searching for that may overlap your game’s interest profile. See where your game is placing in that list (check out your earlier game also - see what was the reason it was getting only 40 downloads a day and not 1000 per day etc.).

Evaluate if the game has weaknesses - show it to some kids and see what the issues are - maybe you can improve it, or maybe can use some of the ideas for a new game.

With the first game getting 40 installs a day, I don’t think there is a great “advantage” to leverage off what the first game was doing - those 40 installs are probably just random. If the new game is getting 6 installs a day it may be even worse.

Maybe Google is not giving good placement to your app - it should at least make some reasonable rank on the “new games” lists (like “New Free Apps”) etc. in Google Play.

You should also have a strategy to push downloads as much as possible as soon as you publish to Google Play - tell all your friends to get it - ask them to review and give 5 stars etc. - push it on twitter and the web in forums which talk about similar games. Push it on facebook - tell your friends to mention your game.

Create good icon, graphics that is shown in Google Play so it looks attractive. Create a youtube video for it (you are allowed one youtube video listing in Google Play description). The youtube video itself will get you FAR more downloads than the 40 you mention. Put out a few videos showing how the game is played etc.

When you post on twitter or facebook - put in a link to the youtube video so users can immediately see how good it is.

Anyway, just some thoughts - just these should at least double your installs.

On Google Play you have about a month (per market) - watch your rankings on (though with 40 installs I suspect you are not on the rankings - otherwise downloads would be higher). Try to line up your download multipliers (i.e. mention on facebook etc.) with your app launch so that those get used and bring your app to notice of the Google search engine (with better reviews, 5 stars, and intersection with what people search for).

While much of this depends also on your game/gameplay and how good it is, a factor not to be ignored is your CHOICE of app to begin with i.e. it is FAR FAR easier to first choose the subject you are going to tackle and pick one you KNOW gets reasonable downloading on Google Play - this will almost guarantee you a certain number of downloads (consistent with that niche).

However for a totally new game, type etc. you run the risk of app not being found, not being tried etc. But there is also the possible upside of it being valued highly if it is found.

However there is probably a big market for “me-too” apps - witness the multitude of Words 4 Pics etc. type apps - which are all trying to leverage the performance of some of the early apps in this niche. Most copycat apps WILL achieve a reasonable download number (as users want to test if it has something better) - which may be higher than an innovative app may do left on it’s own in the “app discovery” jungle.

If your app is truly innovative - then you may have to rely on some forums or folks who exercise influence to mention your app.

Also on a related note - it is better to post something about your game to someone on twitter with 1000s of followers than one with 100s only - also on twitter you may get banned (though it is easy to get reinstated - first time is almost automatic by saying I will try to do better in a web form) - so you may want to restrict posts to 10 per day per twitter account (could create 2 of them maybe so can reach double - making more may expose you as a spammer (not sure)).

If a twitter user with 1000s of followers retweets your tweet - then you have just gotten much exposure as thousands may see your original message.

Search for people discussing things similar to your app - then interject and mention that hey we make this app etc.

If your earlier app was getting good numbers - then you would want new app to have similar description to leverage off that fine tuned (in terms of searchability) earlier app.

Within the first app, you could have users go directly to the Google Play page of the new app - there is a way to do that with Intents and package name etc.

You could create a new version of the earlier app - which now has splash screen mentioning new app (don’t disable it, but just point users to the new app) which when clicked could take them directly to Google Play page for the new app.

Mention new app prominently in the description of the old app.

I would update the beta app with a dialog stating that the complete version is now available, with a button to take them to the app in the Play store.

and remove beta from GP. Or use push notifications to inform your beta testers about the final release, incentivise them to switch (coins, whatever you have there) and watch them migrate :slight_smile:

If you already have a good name for your first app, and there is no space in the title for a “2” (i.e. Game 2), then I am guessing one COULD rename the older app with a different title with BETA. And name the new app with the name you were using before.

I assume this would still make the new app count as a new app (and thus show up in the “New Apps” categories etc.).

By the way, on Google Play I have noticed that there can sometimes be two different apps from different publishers with the same name even. So the title of the app is not relevant I guess (for disambiguation) but it IS for search results etc. - as the title words seem to be important for search.

I’m a bit confused. Why don’t you just update/replace the beta apk to the new final apk? Or am I missing something?

I assume the reason maybe:

  • beta version may have accumulated bad ratings while under testing
  • wanting to create new version so can get fresh start