how to transfer admob payment to paypal

i earned $25 in admob how to payout the amount to paypal i didn’t found any link for payout

The new AdMob doesn’t support Paypal, you have to have it transfered to your bank account.

I really dont like the new admob i tried the new admob and my earnings were decreased.
Now i am using the old admob and its working amazing.

i am using old admob in india how to transfer payment to paypal

i still use old admob. so does money auto transfer to paypal?

Yes after a month your earnings will be verified and your finalized earnings will be paid to you automatically

Hey, I also upgraded my admob account to the new version. And My earnings were decreated to 25% of what it was before!
So wtf, an reporting ui has affects the monetization of an app. Great work admob. Also the old reporting tool was much better.

How did you switch back to old admob? I don’t see any option for this. Did you create a new account???

Yes i created a new account :slight_smile:

Ok, but you can’t create the same app twice in two different accounts. How did you do that?

Created the app with a different market

Created the app with a different market link