How to submit my App in multiple App Stores?

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We are here to help you submit your apps to multiple app stores (simultaneously to Amazon, Yandex, Google Play and other 30 stores)

You’ll save a lot of time and you’ll increase your downloads faster and efficiently!

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did someone try them? Their website looks strange. Idea is very good, but how with working?

I gave them a look some days ago but look at their pricing… from what is written there you can post just 10 apps/year with pro plan (30$/month) and 30 apps /year with max plan(150$/month) . That’s the first huge limitation and the second one is the fact that on pro plan you can update your apps just 2 times (lol). And the last thing is: " Pro Plan users can submit up 3 NEW apps/month. Max Plan users can submit up 10 NEW apps/month. If paid quarterly, the allowed limit can be submitted at any time." …so my first conclusion is that there are many limitations for the money they are asking for that service

That doesn’t sound like a good deal

Can anyone share a better way to publish to all stores other than going through them all yourself one by one?

Well, I don’t think there’s much you can do about it other than reaching out over to each and every store individually and uploading the .apk file of the application over there ! And one more thing did you checked that efforts to upload the app over to other store is going to worth ?? Why I am saying this is because heading out to each and every store and uploading the .apk file over their require a lot of effort and I would say better check the response you are getting at first from PlayStore and if that worth then only head out over the other stores one by one to upload the .apk file !

Create your own bots using iMacros or other similar automation programs. This way you can create all the data and options in a csv file and then run the script and it will upload to all websites for you.

Hi guys,Before you start to package your AIR app for submission, make sure you take care of some key considerations to ensure your users have the best experience possible. These considerations fall generally into two categories: performance and usability. To make sure you have built a high-performing app, test your application on a variety of devices.:wink: