How To Root Android With Magisk Root

How To Root Android is one of the frequently discussed topics in Android communities as it is the most successful method to customize Android smartphones? Here, I am going to explain about Magisk root which is accepted as one and only genuine rooting method since SuprSu was abandoned by its developer. If your device supports TWRP custom recovery, you can easily root your device using Magisk Root. Technically, all rooting methods place Su binary in the system partition of your Android device. But, Magisk uses the boot partition of your device load Magisk framework in each time you start up the device. So, Magisk is especially called a “Systemless” rooting method.

What You Need To Use Magisk Root

An Android smartphone running on Android 4.2+ withTWRP custom recovery installed
Download Magisk Zip file on your PC and transfer to your smartphone/tablet or download directly on your Android

How To Root Android With Magisk

[li]Boot your device in to TWRP recovery mode using the OEM button combination or use ADB commands to boot the device in to recovery mode
[/li][li]In the recovery mode, select “Install” button and find the Magisk folder
[/li][li]Open the folder and select the Magisk Zip file
[/li][li] Next, Swipe the slider to flash the Magisk Zip file
[/li][li]Finally, tap on the “Reboot System” to boot your device to its normal condition

Now, you have rooted your Android device and you will be able to see Magisk Manager APK on your Android device. If you cannot see it, you need to download the app from XDA developers. Now, run the app and check the options available on the interface. If all the options are checked with green checkmarks, you are almost done. Now, you can add modded apps and tweaks on your Android smartphone using Magisk modules available on Magisk Manager’s Menu.