How to root Android with CF-Auto-Root

When we talk about Android rooting we have a bunch of topics to talk about. What is rooting, Why we root, How to get root access are some common questions which you already know the answers. So with the vast improvements in the latest mobile technologies, it becomes difficult to crack the system of those mobile phones. But with the right supporting tool, it is not impossible. Hence the selection of the right tool is very important. CF-Auto-Root is one of the best methods for beginners.

What is CF-Auto-Root

With the development of the Android operating system, eventually, it became difficult to find exploits it to root. However, the developer and Hacker named Chainfire was able to find one that works with a lot more devices. Now his CF-Auto-Root utility works well on their latest firmware especially Samsung because of the exploit.

How does this work for root Android

Its main job is to unlock the device bootloader. It’s most suitable for devices from Sprint and T-Mobile because AT&T and Verizon are most likely not to let you unlock its bootloader. If you are going to root a Samsung Android you should have Windows PC too. But for the other brands, you can use any of Mac, Linux, and windows. So make sure to backup all important data or store them in different drive because unlocking bootloader makes you lose all the data in the process.

How to root Android using CF-Auto-Root

[li]The first step is to make sure to download proper drivers and install them to your computer. Otherwise, the PC could not be connected with the device. So if you have a Samsung device go the Samsung developer site and download those. It is only available for the Windows. That why we want Windows PC for this.
[/li][li]Now download the correct CF-Auto-Root tool for the device. It can be tricky because there are more than a hundred version for each model. Use the model number and OS version to find the right solution. After the download extract it.
[/li][li]If you are using a Samsung device you have to use Samsung Odin here onwards. But for today ill explain the process for all other devices. First, turn bootloader mode on by the pressing and hold power+volume down buttons at once.
[/li][li]When the bootloader menu displays connect it to the computer.
[/li][li]On computer go the folder where extracted files are and click one which is compatible with your computer. There are 3 files for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
[/li][li]Now cmd will inform you that this root tool is going to unlock the bootloader of the device. Press any key to continue.
[/li][li]The device will display the red logo whole time and when its complete the phone will be rooted.

It is convenient to have a rooted android device. But when selecting a root tool you have to be careful. CF-Auto-Root is very easy and appropriate for the job. If you are going to use a Samsung device for the process you should have Odin tool too. But other devices can be rooted the way I mentioned above.