How to root Android -Best Method for Samsung

The Android operating system is the most advanced mobile operating system. Not only that it’s user-friendly and we have a little bit more authority over our smartphone or the tablet than certain mobile operating systems. But yet people want to root their Android devices. They know the risk also but yet the benefits are weight more than that. So here I’m going to talk about one of best-rooting methods and it is the most suitable one for Samsung smartphones. But even if your device is not Samsung you still can follow the guidelines and root your phone.

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Installing Custom recovery before Root Android is really important. So ln this article we are going to use TWRP as the custom recovery. Let’s see how to do it with custom recovery.


[li]It is essential to back up all of the important data on the device [/li][li]The device should have sufficient battery power. Minimum should be 50%[/li][li]Go to How to Root Android (Samsung Galaxy/Note Complete Guide) and download the Odin tool[/li][li]Go to the official website and download the TWRP to the PC and extract it.[/li][li]Windows PC[/li][li]USB cable[/li][/ul]

How to install TWRP before Android root

[li]The device –> Settings –> Build Number –> tap 7 times –> You will get a message saying that you’re a developer now.[/li][li]Now you will have Developer Option –> OEM unlock –> tick it –> USB debugging –> tick it[/li][li]The smartphone should be turned off.[/li][li]Press and hold POWER, HOME, and VOLUME DOWN buttons at once. Use volume keys to continue it.[/li][li]The smartphone or tablet should be connected to the computer. Use the USB cable.[/li][li]Now open downloaded Odin tool.[/li][li]The interface will display “COM: #” when the device is detected.[/li][li]Click the button PDA or AP –> Select the recovery that extracted before. ( the extension is .tar or .tar.md5)[/li][li]On that window tick the “Auto Reboot “and “F. Reset Time” [/li][li]Now click the “Start”[/li][li]Once the installation is completed it will display a message saying Pass[/li][li]The device will be rebooted[/li][/ol]

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Android Rooting

[li]Now we have the simple part.[/li][li]Go to the official site of SuperSu and download the application to PC[/li][li]The application should be stored in the internal memory of the smartphone for the root. [/li][li]Connect both devices and move the software into internal memory.[/li][li]Turn off the phone [/li][li]Press and hold “POWER + HOME + VOLUME UP” and boot it into recovery mode.[/li][li]Select install on that screen[/li][li]Then select the zip file –> click install[/li][li]Finally, select REBOOT[/li][li]Wait a few minutes until the rooting is finished. [/li][li]Finally, the device will be rooted.[/li][/ol]


In this method, I’ve used a few software such as TWRP custom recovery software, Samsung Odin and SuperSU. When you download the Odin tool make sure to check compatibleness beforehand. There are few versions of Odin are available now.