How to promote your app

App promotion is important for app developers, even they create a high quality app, they need to do app promotion. Today I will share 10 app promotion methods. Lets learn together.

1. Create an eye-catching title
App title is the first thing users will have a look at. Create a eye-catching title to attractive users download your app. But remember that the title should not be too long, put the keywords in the subtitle to help user search easier.

2. Create an attractive icon that stands out from the rest
People some time pay more attention on visual aspect when meet something. Some an attractive icon is also very important for app download rates. If user like your app icon, they want to download your app and try if it is an interesting app.

3. Use relevant keywords to help increase download
Choosing relevant keywords is very important. Imagine that you choose a keywords from an social app, and add it to the game app, this absolutely will not have good results. So find the keywords fit for your app. Using right keywords can greatly improve the download.

4. Get app reviews
Encourage users to review your app, as higher rating attracts users. But it is difficult to let users lead positive reviews for you. So you can buy app reviews from reliable companies, such as Reviewapp4u. This is because app reviews is one of the important parts of boost app store rankings. More positive reviews you get, more download your app will get, and then boost your app store ranking. Data show that more than 70% users will have a look at the reviews and ratings before they download the app. So get more app reviews, especially the positive reviews is very important.

5. Free app
This can attract more users compared to paid apps. If your app is a paid one, you can choose some days to make it free to all users, this will attract lots of users.

6. Promote your app with a social page
Create some social accounts, write some interesting things about your app, or the process of creating your app. Using the advantages of social media, attract loyal fans and interact with them frequently.

7. Create a Youtube video of your app.
Youtube is a good platform to promote app. There are many users get together. Make a attractive video to show the advantages of your app. Make more potential users know your app.

8. Allow users to share your app via social media within the app
If users have interesting in your app, they can help you to advertise it on their social account such as Facebook, Twitter and Ins. And you also can incentive they advertise for you and give some gifts as rewards.

9. Advertise on relevant forums
Cooperate with some relevant forums, get more people know your app. Also can advertise in newspaper and magazines.

10. Participate in Q&A websites
Participate in this kind of website, such as Quora, Linkedin Answers. Answer the questions relate to your app.

After publishing your app, of course, you need to promote it.

  1. Turn on your ASO. App store optimization for both Android and iOS is extremly important component for attracting organic users to your app. Use keyword installs in your title and description for better ranking your app position in the Top.
    Your app ranking position depends on daily installs. reviews, ratings and retention rate. Companies like MoPeak or KeenMobi provides good promotion services such as installs, reviews, rating, ASO for both Android and iOS apps. So there you will find a few ways to help boost your app’s visibility in the app store.
  2. Communicate with your users in social media. The best channel for promotion new product is friends of you that share your content.
  3. Create a landing page of your app. This will lend a helping hand to bloggers who are thinking about featuring your apps in their articles. Also, you can collect the emails of potential users who interested in your app and really like your idea.

Great Share Dude, It’s really helped me to promote my apps. Thanks for sharing such a valuable info to us.

This thread is really helpful.

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