How to promote your app with free methods?

Promoting app is the necessary process of app developer, but if you are a new app developer and have not enough budget, you have to choose the free promotion to optimize your app. However, most forums and channels are focus on the paid promotion, which is embarrassed to the developer with limited pockets. Therefore, I will introduce the free promotion in details at below:

(1) analyze your competitor: everyone or every group should analyze the valued competitors, which can help you learn about your competitor clearly. App developer can know the strategies of launching app by using this way, and learn about more channels of marketing.

(2) control the budget and costing: you must know what situation your app at, and know the targeted audiences of your app. Don’t try the each ways of promoting app blindly. Also, you have to make a plan of promotion in advance. Finding the right way of promoting can save your money to a large extent.

(3) have the ability of business: if you want to promote your app, you should find some platforms to collaborate, which ask you have the ability to communicate with others and know the strategies of negotiation.

(4) take part in activities: by joining some relevant activities, you can learn more knowledge of app promotion, and expand your personal connections, thus increase the channels of promotion.

(5) pay close attention to highlight topic of app promotion: learning about the news or hot topics of app promotion is an acceptable way to try. Although it has little work, you could try it constantly.

(6) build personal connections: you can invite your friends and relatives to install your app, then they will advertise it in their circle of friends.

(7) be familiar with the channel of promotion: there are many channels to promote your app, like android app stores, ios, PR, etc. You have to learn about these channels in the round, and learn relevant skills of each channel.

(8) auxiliary tools: you can use some auxiliary tools to help you promote your app, like ASO100, appbk.

(9)content marking: you ca write some relevant blogs and essays to introduce your app, raising the publicity of your app.

(10)special website: you can put your app on some special websites, like classified sites and review sites. The installs will increased when audience browsing these websites.

Free promotion is an indispensable process of new developer with limited budget, but if you have get enough revenue, you could choose a reliable app store optimization company to help you.

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