How to promote a mobile app and get more installs

  1. Social media advertising
    Some popular social media is still a very useful method of app promotion. If your Facebook or Instagram has a lot of followers, you can completely use this platform to advertise your app.

  2. App Store Optimization
    App store optimization, which aims to boost app ranking in the app stores. Using the right keywords in your app listing is the easiest and most important part of ASO.

  3. Influencer/Celebrity endorsements
    Most people like to follow others and be influenced by the words of some celebrities. Collaborate with these people can quickly build up your iOS apps’ identity and gain recognition in related fields.

  4. Rely on a mobile app marketing agency
    If you have enough budget, consider investing some marketing spend with a dedicated app marketing agency, like ASORanker. Which is professional in organic app installs with keyword search, app ratings and reviews, you can have a try.

Useful tips! Here I want to add some methods which also can help increase app downloads.

1. Promote your app in related forums
Your app is a musical game app, you can find some game app promotion websites where you can introduce your app, and add the download link in there. If people have interest, they will download it and advertise fro you.

2. Ask the help from your friends and families
Ask they download your app and give you the most loyal advice, this can help improve your app quality.
Find some platform to exchange downloads - There are many platform can provide this kind of service, exchange downloads with others.

3. Buy app installs
This is the most effective and the fastest way to gain more app downloads. I recommend you [b]ASOTOP1[/b] to cooperate with. They can provide real users installs, and help achieve your goal in a short time. Also they can provide many kinds of install types and countries for you to choose.

4. Gain as much as positive reviews and high ratings
Over 70% users will look through reviews and ratings when they tend to download apps. Positive reviews and high ratings attract users to install, while negative reviews and low ratings cause users skip over this app without hesitation. Therefore, you need to try your best to get positive app reviews and high app ratings. To quickly achieve this goal, you can [b]buy app reviews[/b] and ratings from reliable company.

5. Advertise for your app
Advertise is a good way to let more potential users know your app and download it, so you can choose online ads, such as Facebook ads, or offline ads, such as play videos in the people-crowd places.

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There are two ways of app promotiom FREE and PAID.

Here are tips for free app promotion


Seriously, its your only way to get tons of downloads. Do constant optimization.


Here are common pitch mistakes that TechCrunch Mike Butcher highlighted:

Common mistake 1:
Do not pitch a journalist with “X wrote about Y”. Example conversation: ”We were covered by The New York Times! Do you want to write about us?” “Ok, but what’s new?” “Nothing, but we think YOUR readers really need to hear about us!” You are implying they shouldn’t have been included in the first round of pitches. This is a guaranteed way to destroy the relationship immediately because it means they are not a priority to pitch to.

Common mistake 2:
“Circling back” / repeating the email “blind” (as in, after getting no response) more than twice. If the journalist didn’t reply to your email on the first or second time, it’s either because a) they are busy or b) you fell into the spam filter (in which case your company needs to take a look at itself) c) they are working on the story but don’t want to set up expectations on timing, because, well, shit changes. Lesson? Build a normal relationship first!

Common mistake 3:
Ask to meet with Reporter B when you have already worked several times with Reporter A on the team. This just says, Reporter A is “not that important, I’m moving on”.

Common mistake 4:
Another mistake: Ask to meet with Reporter C because they covered a story. This is a waste of time as, if someone else covered it, clearly the reporter you asked does NOT cover it. Just go direct. Don’t waste your political capital with the first reporter.

Common mistake 5:
Blind pitch simply because a journalist is on an attendee list for a conference. The title may not even BE GOING. Or they have already set up coverage. So, just ask politely first if they are going. Don’t waste your political capital here.


There are tons of relevant websites and directories to be featured on - DO PREPARE a GOOD and short app description, screenshots, and microsite (IDEALLY) to get the most of the users out there.

Here’s a short list:

GetApp has more than 240,000 reviews of 7,000+ apps.
2. G2 Crowd - one of the leading software review sites with over 420,000 reviews

  1. Killer Startups lets you reach 6,000 potential customers.

  2. Paggu writes a review by visiting your website or app.

  3. Product Hunt publishes new products every day.

  4. Rate My Startup

  5. Crunchbase lets you discover tech companies and also list yours.

  6. ErliBird lets you make beta tests with real users for desktop apps as well as Android, iOS apps.


You can write smth like “1 Premium feature to the first 500 customers” and offer something truly valuable for users. The amount of downloads will be higher, so you can boost this limit a bit.

You can do bunch promotion with the app that is relevant to your category, eg if you’re taxi app - partner with maps, hotel app etc.


Guest posting is a great way to promote your app while sharing your expertise. Guest contributions are comprehensive, data-driven, and engaging posts.

If you want to promote your app on social media cost-effectively, this article might be helpful

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