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How to measure which ads are clicked most?

I have apps that has a lot of screens, so i want to measure which ads are mostly tapped by users so i will optimise the position of the ads and maybe lower the ad number acording to ad click information. What tool would suit best for my needs?

PS: I have only admob banner and interstitial ads on my apps.

Hi, you can create separate ad units in AdMob for every position of you app. Name them accordingly, and than after few days you will see which position of your ad performs the best :wink:

thank for the answer perry. I was hoping to find something more delegate than creating lots of new ad units, if i can’t find anything better then that would be the way to go.

it seems people are not using any kind of measurement here.

dirhem, it seems like new mobileCore SDK V2.0 responds to your needs :slight_smile: Have a look at their ad of this SDK and triggers are exactly what you need to track multiple ads efficiency.

Create multiple ads units is the simplest way to go. Else, you may look into flurry, google analytic.

I have finally implemented with google analytics events.