How to maximize your revenue from your apps?10 great ways shared:)

We all know there are various ways to make money with mobile apps, Like in-app billing, charge your app at google play, or simply sell your app…but for most free-to-play games/apps, one important way is to run mobile ads in them. Also with the fast growth of smartphone(android phones/iphone)'s usage nowadays, mobile advertising is booming and maturing now. There are really tons of mobile ads. networks like what this article listed here.
So many indie developers feel a headache at how to choose the best one that match their apps and which ad network is making realistic claims. Here is an interesting article that explains us 10 ways to maximize your app eCPM and revenues. Hope could be of a little help:)

anyone used this appflood to make money? They have some coin system, and i didnt find any information about payments. Just interesting as they publish a lot of articles about different aspect of Android marketing and etc. What is your experience of working with them? Does anyone worked with them?

Hey, Daler, this support part will answer your questions about how their payment goes.If I want to cash out my points…

There are also some experiences from other publishers’ experience with appflood. like this one: inoXapps eCPM: Averaging:$4.5

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me:):o

Hello there Vivianyang! I completely agree with your thoughts. Most of us have our smartphones with us virtually all the time. There are thousands of applications that do thousands of different things accessible at the push of a button. And, a few of them can even earn you a little extra pocket change. And, who could not use more of that in this economy? Check more here.