How to make your app gain a high position in the app store

When we want to download an app in the app store, after we searching in the search box, we usually only see the top 20 or even less, so you can see increase your app ranking in the app store is very important. So today I want to share some methods about how to increase app store rankings. Please read carefully if you are interested in this topic.

App Store Optimization

ASO is important and necessary, which aims to boost your app ranking in the App Store. There are a lot of methods about how to do ASO, like optimize your app title, keywords, icon and screenshots, description,and so on. The most important part is optimize keywords, because right keywords can increase the exposure of your app. Following are methods about how to choose right keywords.

[li]Add keywords in your app title, reviews and description.[/li][li]Choose keywords relevant to your app.[/li][li]Choose keywords with lower difficulty scores.[/li][li]Choose keywords having highest traffic scores.[/li][/ol]

Buy Keyword Search Installs

ASO is a great way to boost app ranking, but it’s a long term project, the most efficient way to boost app ranking is to buy keyword search installs, which can boost your app ranking instantly, it only need 8~10 hours.

Make App with More Postive Reviews and High Ratings

Those apps with much more positive reviews and high ratings rank much higher than others. Positive reviews and high ratings also can notify those potential users that your app is high recommended, which will help to generate more installs. There are many ways to increase reviews and ratings, but the most effective way is to [b]buy app reviews and ratings[/b] from professional company which can promise all their reviews are from real users.

Upgrade frequently

Consistent and frequent upgrades indicate that your brand is constantly trying to improve the app and dedicated to providing an optimal user-experience. What’s more, it can increase your app ranking temporarily.

Hope these methods can help your app get a higher position in the app store.

A growth plan should consist of ASO strategy without it there is no reason to expect substantial changes in your App ranking.

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