How to get your users back !?


  here i am again, decided to come back to android development, i have an content app that was being download with a very high number, how ever over the past year the downloads fell to bad, I'm updating now after a long time ! what do you guys recommend is the best way to get back those inactive users and get more downloads like i used to ? any ideas ?

you can subscribe them to push notifications when they launch your app, or have them enter an email when they sign up.

Thanks, i also just realised that some 1 stars reviews, the users actually say that they really like the app altho they rate it 1 star, i don’t think they understand the process of something, do you think i should reply back to them and ask them why they rated 1 star instead of 5 ? and is this against the policies ?

I personally think replying to reviews is a waste of time, I never had anyone follow up after I fixed the issue and replied about it in the comments.

So they don’t get notified ? Also os asking them why they gave 1 star and not 5 against the store policy ?

i am not sure if they get notified, i am sure they are, but no one bothers to follow up and change their rating.

When a developer replies to my review, I get notified but when I follow the link in the email, I can’t even see my review and their reply on their Google Play page. It’s like it’s a bug or something. I have to open their app page in another browser (another Google Play account) and find my review from the first account and their reply.