How to Get Your Kids to Clean Up

Have you ever noticed that after you clean up a space, all the sudden it becomes a magnet for play? They haven’t played in the playroom for a week, but now that it’s free of clutter, they’re really into their “three moms, 10 dolls, and a crazy dog” family game!

Just Google it, my man, that’s it!

Hi, in general, if I were you, I would tell your eldest son to clean up everything since he messed up. But if you don’t want to disturb him, but just want to use the services of a professional house cleaning service, then I think this is also the right option. And if we talk about the price, I can tell you the exact numbers. I have a house that I rent out for a month or two, and every time the residents move out, I turn to end of lease cleaners in Clapham. And approximately I pay about $250 for cleaning, but the house I rent is very large.

It’s simple - first all the important things, and then games on a tablet or phone.

Just motivate them to do things correctly

haha, it greaft. I find it lighter instead of filled with junk information

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