How To Get Featured On The Android Market

The Android Market has this famously elusive section of “Featured” apps. It’s not an easy task to be featured in this list. Apparently a team of editors at Google are constantly reviewing the Market in search of new apps to be featured. The highest quality apps will receive a “Staff Pick” label. But obviously they’re not going to thoroughly test every app that exists, so there’s a good chance yours might miss being selected.

But now there’s an opportunity to get noticed. Reto Meier just posted on Google+ about an upcoming hangout with the Android Developer Relations team. They’ll be reviewing some high quality Android apps or games, and providing critical feedback on the design & operation.

If your app is among the best reviewed, it will be passed on to the editorial team to be considered for inclusion in the “Staff Picks” list. So if you think you’ve got a great app, feel free to nominate it in Google Moderator, and drop by the hangout later this week to see if Reto and others from the Android team have some feedback for you.

FYI, I cast a ‘like’ vote for your suggestion - for what it is worth.

I just wanted to thank you for encouraging me to totally humiliate myself by suggesting my games. 12 people disliked my suggestions and NO people liked them. Obviously, I am a failure and a fraud and my games suck! I hate myself.

Or, maybe other suggesters are just clicking dislike on competing suggestions, and no one really hates my games at all. Yeah, that’s what I will choose to believe.

/me stares in the mirror and begins his daily affirmation.

EDIT - I just changed my automatic “like” vote for my own suggestion to “dislike” so that it was unanimous.

Ah, that’s no good. Looking at some of the suggestions in the list, I’d say your apps are definitely worthwhile including. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people were going around clicking “dislike” on other submissions though.

My submissions didn’t get a lot of traction either. Maybe people are just looking for a different kind of app. Thanks for voting though!

I didn’t even dare to post one of my games there :blush:

I can not imagin that they want to test my dental drill app anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I am officially the worst! I voted ‘like’ for every other suggestion and ‘dislike’ for myself just to be sure! Zero likes and seven ‘dislikes’ each for rebound and caveman pool! Sweet! There was little chance my apps were going to be the best. But, maybe as the worst … !!!

Indeed a very interesting aproach! Good luck with it :wink:

I might give you another dislike…