How to find niche on Google Play Store

I published 3 applications on Google Play Store but my applications downloads are too low. I will make another application, but I need to find niche. How can I find niche on Google Play Store? How to decide application subject that is desired and has low competition. Which free tools can I use? What should I do?

My Applications :ürkan+Çatak
You can also, review my applications. Only Puncher is in English, others are in Turkish.

I’d be interested in finding this out also. It may be a little off topic, but if you want an easy market, you can check out the Windows Phone store. Last I heard they had 2% of the market with Windows phones, but there are a lot of available niches.

If you’re sticking with Android, I think the approach should be using ASO to try and rank your app better. Doing press releases. Putting out quality apps. That kinda crap. If you’re interesting in ASO, check out #12 on this podcast Podcast - Mobile App Developer Portland, Oregon | Chamber DS

I am very interested to hear what other people answer about finding niches in the play store.

IMO, chasing niches on a cash run and not make apps that you actually want to make is not really going to help your problem very much.

What is IMO?

IMO = in my opinion