How to drive more downloads...

One of my app has pretty good rating(4.5*+) and user reviews in play store…what this app missing is number of downloads(only 80+/day)…
What are my options if I want to take it to the range of 300+ downloads/day…
I think this app has got the potential…I am regularly getting 5* ratings(abt 70% of 150) and nice reviews…
any good experiences with advertising?

any suggestions are welcome…thanks

this is in the wrong section?

I think you can use advertising to up scale your impressions. Maybe you can find some ad network to promote your app. Good luck!

You have to calculate how much every app download earns you. Let’s asume the number is 7 Cent in avarage per user.
That means if you like to make advertising for your app, you should not pay more then 7 Cent per download of your app.
In the long term it may be ok to invest 10 Cent or more per download, but only if your users are using your app over a long time.

This is 100% true, but just so the OP knows he won’t ever get downloads that cheap through conventional network advertising.

Well you could set a CPM maximum of $0.05 so the app just appears if there is really, really no other offer. You’ll get your ad mostly at unwanted position, but $10 would be worth a try

Try optimising game description by key words? Or do you have a video for your game? That makes difference sometimes…

make a page on facebook or twitter, encourage your fans to share their playing tips by giving them some bonus in your game?..

just interact with the players as many as possible…good way to collect feedback too.

Promote your game on some player forums…

Yeah, if you believe your game is a solid one that most players once have it they will get addicted, then try some ad networks to give your game a push.

It’s worthwhile.

Also I wonder what countries or areas your game is distributed?

Try some other countries?

Hope this helps a little:)

Hi everyone thank you very much for all suggections…
Actually its not a game…Its an app related to facebook and distributed mainly in play store. So making a facebook page might be a good idea…thanks Vivianyang.I will try it !

Another important thing I noticed is that I got an increase of about 30% daily install since I added translations to 5 other languages.Wow !
chart (1).png
I think I will give admob advertising a go now…

Hi there, based on your situation, here are some effective ways for you to drtive more downloads.

App Store Optimization
App store optimization (ASO) is, at it’s core, search engine optimization (SEO) for App stores. Just like search engine optimization, app store optimization focuses on keyword relevance, search relevance and the keyword density in your description, which aims to boost your app ranking in app stores. You metioned that your app is with many positive reviews and high ratings, then once your app ranking is improved,you will get much more downloads. So ASO is the most efficient way to promote app, if you know little about it, you can consult app store optimization company,which can provide you professional app store optimization advice.

Run Facebook Ads
App Install adverts enable businesses to connect with the people who are more likely to install your app, so you can get more people using your app. Mobile App Install adverts link directly to the App Store, Google Play and Kindle Fire store, so that people can download your mobile app straight away. And they can be shown across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.What’s more, through Paid Installs you can customize each ad and target specific groups of customers and users. Facebook Ads give you the opportunity to adjust your budget, so could be a great way to get the ball rolling and test CTA’s, app descriptions and headlines.

Influencers sharing
Most people like to follow others and be influenced by the words of influencers. These people may include influential bloggers, newspaper journalists, professional tech writers in social network like Facebook or Twitter.

CPI Burst Campaigns
Most of the traffic from searches on both Google Play and the App Store will go only as far as the 50th app in the list. Naturally, developers strive to make their app reach the highest position. One method is by making use of a CPI (Cost-Per-Install) Campaign via different advertisers. The idea is to propel yourself in the list of Top 50 apps in your niche. If you reach that spot, the effects will last long enough for you to get your money’s worth.

Free a day/Offer discounts
If your app is paid, or you are are working with in-app purchases, offer them at cheaper prices on certain days or free a day, and let your users know via push notifications or your email newsletter

Hope these methods are useful to u.