How to drive more downloads?


I just released a new game 1 Pic 1 Word last week.
But the daily installs is only around 10.
Comparing to my Find Differences game (no marketing at all), the daily installs is really low.
Anyone can help to take a look at the following game and appreciate your advices to improve the daily installs.

Thank you.

Better icon. Don’t show “get coins” on screenshots, people hate things like that.

Noted and thanks for the advices.

There is nothing that can assure you that you will get more downloads but there are things that you can improve:

  • Icon, the font in the top looks unprofessional
  • UI, I like the structure where the things are in place but you need to improve making it more eye-catching
  • Screenshots, work harder on this it’s not enough to take a screenshot and upload
  • Better description, see your competetion and try to learn from them
  • Self-promotion from your others apps, this will guarantee you a few downloads

even doing all of this you can still get 10-15 downloads but man this times are difficult for everyone

After trying all the above and it still getting low downloads, you should consider concentrate on another app instead.

That’s what I have been doing. Every time a game of mine doesn’t do well, I just move on to create a new game.