How to create a new Google Play Developer Account after your first is banned?

I’m part of the “banned by Google” club since around half a year ago - At the time I was making around £50 a week. I’ve since hopped ship to iOS, where I am making, at present, £60-90 a week. I’d like to earn with both Android and iOS if possible, and have seen that people on this forum have successfully created second dev accounts. So how would I go about this? Would I need a new bank account? New address? New identity?!

Google play dev: New credit card (I use virtual credit card service with a fake name for my new Google Account), new virtual machine and I change my IP address before I turn on the VM (and disconect all my devices with google accounts: smartphones, laptops, tablets, …).

You can create a new admob account. I always use the same bank account and I believe that Google don’t use the bank account number to looking for new google dev acc to delete. I always use the same address, TAX_ID, my real name and number account in the payment details and I don’t have any problem with this. But I believe that the best option is use other partner.

PS: sorry my english :slight_smile:

Is it allowed to use bank account with name not related or not the same in your admob account name?

when verifying your pin you use the same address with different name? ???

In my admob accounts -> Payment Details, I always use my real name, bank account and address but in My Wallet account I put the fake datas that I have invented for my Virtual Visa Card. I put my payment data in admob when I have enough money to do a paid, not before; and I don’t have any problem using my real name in admob when I have been banned from wallet and google play in a previous account.

Of course Payment details should be your real name or someones real name.

You said you were banned with admob. Did you use the same name and address in registering to admob(Admob Account not admob payment details) again??

No, I don’t use the same name for register a new admob account, I use a fake name.