How to choose Websites to buy App Installs?

If you want to buy Android app installs from USA, you should follow those 5 milestones:

[li]High retention Installs. High retention rate increases the chances of app installation from Google Play Store because users generally check the stat of app’s success. Chances of uninstalling your app is highest in the duration of first 3 days.
[/li][li]Installs come from different devices and unique IPs
[/li][li]Geo Targeting. You can target your marketing campaign worldwide or you can target it towards specific country or set of countries.
[/li][li]All installations will be from 100% REAL users, so your apps stay safe.
[/li][li]Payment options. I recomend you providers who use PayPal as you can request the money back if they scam you because PayPal does have Buyer Protection.

As a conclusion, there are many advantages of buying app installs, however you need to be sure, that the quality is on the high level.
We are working with [b]MoPeak[/b] provider, and I can recommend this one for test.

App Installs are those Marketing Tool which allows your app reach top position and grab visible position.

Installs are the feed for your app, your app will grow position due to such charging, it will bring the revenue for sure.

Just imagine:
you have the app which has a pool of competitors. So how to overcome them and be catchy for your users?

Installs- answer!:cool:

They drive traffic to your app and accordingly increase its position. Then your app become visible for tons of organic users and app is installed by Store users regularly and in fast dynamic.

KeenMobi is that company which offer you:

a) Targeting: USA, India, Russia and worldwide accordingly
b) Real People Installation
c) 100% Safe Service & Detailed Report

Great to know about these 5 milestones. Will try. Thumbs up!

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