How to become a welder

Cool video, thanks for sharing!

I know that Weldpro Digital TIG200GD 110 volts TIG / Stick Welder has the highest amperage range in the list of machines and does very good work with 110 volts. However, some extra 30-amp breakers will help you reach more amperage without any trouble. I can tell for sure that you need 1 amp of power. The steel and welding out-of-position require 15 to 18% less heat, while aluminum requires about 29% more. The DC-1000 offers 1300 amp of easy-going DC output, combining pure welding power with multi-process flexibility for semiautomatic welding. No other machine for this money point comes close to matching DC’s strength. Being a welder is a good job because of a good salary. Learning doesn’t take long, and you can check the schools on