How to avoid admob AM

Got a call from admob account manager for me. I m earning $2000 from admob banners monthly. He was like advising to use admob interstitials and I didn’t want to talk about ecpm I get from other networks for interstitials. Have to use admob for banners because no other better option for banners.

My question is how to avoid this account manager and hence avoid him looking to find faults in my apps content/working etc.

@javaexp, out of topic, sorry, but which ad network offers you better results than admob interstitial that you don’t use them? Or at least similar? I am getting 2-3.5$ eCPM from admob, and all other ad networks that I have tried gave me 1-1.5$ in the best case.

StartApp. And now I think it is going to b appflood with PPD

Personally I think that Admob and Play Store Developer Team is different department. So you do not need to worry much on that? Anyway, when you making certain amount of money from Admob, you certainly cannot avoid them.

Btw, StartApp splashscreen or interstitial offers you better eCPM than Admob? Appflood seems promising too, if you had tried it, please share some result to us.

I think its just a case of that they keep an eye on higher performing publishers. Just makes sense for them.