How to add other my payment methods

I really like your softness so far. CRM and invoice in particular.

We allow our customers to pay with several payment methods, and some of them are not included in this list. For example, there is Webmoney and Yandex.Money that is very popular in Russia and is not included in this list.

Please could you let me know how I can add or change the list of payment methods to have the correct statistics?
Is Western Union much safe than other payment methods?

Or what about Webmoney?

Did you try the paypal I knew that it works in many countries.

I don’t think that western union is much safe than other payment methods. I suggest you to select only the following payment modes: bank transfer, check, credit card or paypal. These are the most often used methods and that way anyone will choose the most convenient. Also that way it will be more secure for your customers, because there are many cases of frauds with western union. The hackers use western union carding method which is not difficult and even a beginner can repeat it. The credit cards or checks are they have a high degree of protection from banks.

You may be interested in m4bank, their softpos system might be useful if you also sell your product offline.

It seems to me that WebMoney would be better than Western. It’s easier to manage your accounts through it. This way, the client will spend much less time. I can give you some advice which may come in handy. Work on your company’s security system. That is especially important today when dealing with customers because often, people are not who they say they are. When you encounter such a situation, you realize how vital a Prime ID scanner is. I hope this information will be helpful to you. I wish you the best of luck!