How should i place the ads in my app?

Hi everyone, I recently launched my music player on Google play. Currently i am using banner ads(One banner ad after 10 songs) from AdMob. Is this the right way for ads?

Link of music player-

You can also consider a number of other ad formats, such as video ads, that could provide you with higher revenue.

Banners are a classic, and AdMob performs well with them, so it’s ok.
Combining different ad formats works well too. Usually, native interstitial ads could do well with apps like this.
Also, you might want to check mediation to integrate several ad networks at the same time: Appodeal, Unity, AdColony, etc.

You need to keep testing to find the optimal ads format for your app.

Thanks all of you for suggestions.

When dealing with music players I must say banners aren’t really the best monetization tool as once people press ‘play’ they don’t tend to look at the device for some time, so the best use is either video ads (with sound enabled of course) or interstitials (today many interstitials already incorporate a video) as both demand an action from the user once displayed (as opposed to banners which are static).
Keep in mind though that both these ad types can be annoying at times and it’s a VERY fine line between a ‘nice music app with some ads in between’ to a ‘frustrating ads app with some music in between’ so be sure to keep the frequency reasonable in order to avoid bad ratings.


Please keep us posted on how it goes if you decide to experiment.

Video ads are irritating. I mean no one wants to wait in today’s age.

Show Interstitials when user change the song or playlist.
Show Interstitials on app start with load screen or ad on app exit.
Show Native ads in the Settings page if any.
Show native ads wherever you feel that whole page not necessarily required for the UI.
Cheers !!!

I agree, unless it is done right. For this app, I would place a rewarded video option somewhere allowing the user to in return for watching a video, doesn’t get any ads for 20 songs. Or something like that.

There have been valuable suggestions made up to this point. The only “video” ad I can think of that I’ve experienced with a music player is on Pandora but there’s no video, just audio. Video ads pay the most out of all the suggestions but I don’t think it’s the right fit for 2 reasons. 1. I turn on music and put my phone in my pocket so I wouldn’t watch the video 2. Video ad seems invasive to the user experience. Static interstitial ads is what I would recommend trying without having tested your app and maybe consider having banners. Hope that helps.


Ad Mob is a very good start! Banners are a good idea also, but to be honest, they are not the highest-paid and preferable ad format. I’d recommend you to give a try to native ads, like native banners (in-feed), native interstitials or native video ads. Rewarded videos could also be an option. Referring to Epom Apps experience, more than 70% of our partner game app developers choose rewarded videos for monetization. As you own a music app, I’d rather stake on native ad formats. Running different ad formats at the same time will help to grow your revenue stream. So you can run banners along with native ads. Just make sure your app doesn’t look overwhelmed with apps. Have you already defined the best places for ads in your app? If not, our team will be glad to help you with this as well as to set up native ads with engaging demand from our best advertisers.


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