How should I buy downloads?


I am preparing to release my newest app and I was thinking of buying some downloads for it. I want to buy somewhere between 1000 and 1500 downloads.
The question is: If I buy 1500 downloads for example, is it better to spread them over a 10 day period with 150 downloads/day or should I make it in 3 days. 500/day.
From your experience which is better? A sudden boost in downloads and reviews or a long lasting higher download rate?


I’m not sure about this, but I think you pay more if you want all the downloads in a short period of time.

That may be, but i’m asking from the ranking point of view. Which one would affect my ranking more?

Ok here are the steps to take

  1. Find out which countries your AD network pays good in.

  2. Then pick the country that is easier to rank in.

  3. Don’t pick casual or action game category unless you have big budget.

  4. Google takes 3 day tallies from my experience . Spread the 1,500 downloads over 3 days.

Do it right you will reach top free in your category which will lead to organic downloads.

Sounds fine…

Any advice about how to get that downloads? Any recommended platform or web?

Well the OP was asking about paid services which appbrain and AyeT installs do. I think these are the 2 best companies because they do not require you to intergrate an SDK.

You could have a look at a recent thread I started. The community gave some nice info there.
To answer your question, there are a few websites that will allow you to buy downloads. Appbrain, ayeT, Facebook, Chartboost. Those are the ones that I have considered anyway.

You sir are the best :). Ty!

Hi there, based on my experience, 500/day is much better. You can get app download from [b]ASOTOP1[/b], which supports multiple countries for you to choose from, get your app targeted precisely.