How often do you update your published apps?


How often do you guys update your published apps on Google Play (and other markets)? Is it OK to update frequently, or will Google flag that as spam? Thanks~

You really get no benefit from updating too often now. You can even annoy your users and cost them their data plan, if you update too often. If I find a serious bug, I will try to update as soon as possible, other than that I don’t update too soon. Try to give them something substantial in the updates. As far as google flagging you for updating too much, I’ve never heard of them doing that.

you should have a reason for the update - if you update too frequentely (daily) you will get one or two bad ratings about it - if you update too less, you will get bad ratings about never updating :slight_smile:

Update to solve bugs or when added new features and you will be fine, not sure if updating frequency has any impact at all - there are games in top search results which wasnt updated for over a year :slight_smile:

google will not flag you as spam because of updating often. maybe they will if the apk didn’t change anything except the version number, but well, that’s something you should know about :slight_smile:

Thank you for the input.

It depends, if I have features I want to build I will spread them out on serveral updates. This gives me the time to fully complete and test features before deploying. I tend to work one month on an update, so I check how many features I can build in that month. The rest will go to a later update. But I have serveral apps, so once I made an update for one app I will switch my focus on an other app the next weeks. So maximum 1 update a month. (if there is a mayor bug it will be fixed asap.)

I mainly handle it like Martin