How much would you guys be willing to pay per clicks?

So i tried advertising an app on my app and the ad was getting around 2000 clicks per day, none of them were fake clicks(user has to click twice). So the conversion rate was very high,(however i dont have a jar or sdk installed so cant tell for sure) so how much would you guys be willing to pay for a thing like that?
The ad was on the splash screen.
When the user clicks he is asked how he would like to proceed(via chrome or market)
This is the link of my app

Around 15% of users are from usa and 15% are from japan.
the users are from all around the world.

Well, What kind of users? and with what ad unit did you generate clicks? Interstitial?
Add more details about those 2000 users per day!

Done,made the changes so that you can look…