How much worth my app?

Hi all:

Im new here, this is my first post. Thanks for the oportunitty of get in contact with other developers.

I have an app with more than a year, is an utility (tool) app in spanish and already has 750k/2.5M users (actual/total) installations.
An average of 4.30 stars over 45k ratings and 6-7k new installations daily.
Top users are from:

Spain 21.54%
Mexico 21.51%
USA 18.59%
Colombia 7.19%
Chile 5.28%
Argentina 5.07%
Venezuela 3.73%

I want to get an idea how much can worth this app.

Thanks very much for your attention and help.


Analyzing how much have you earned so far you can make a rough estimation of the future income you will have. That´s how much the app is worth.

Feel free to share the app´s name :wink:

If you share the app name, be ready for dozens of copycats :slight_smile:

investors take the initial price, lifespan of the app, estimated profit margin/year. so they want to pay back the invested costs in xxx years.

now take your yearly income of the app, multiply by xxx and you have the rough estimated worth of your app (expecting no running costs of the app). xxx depends on estimated lifespan of your app, income trends over time, competition and profit gain potential. You will need to give detailled numbers on your app to make it sell for a good prize to serious buyers.

Not sure if someone can transfer a single app to another google account?

Yes, it’s possible…
Transfer existing Android app to another developer account? - Stack Overflow

I have done it, is a very simple and fast process :wink:

what was the reason of that?

I have this many time, but for app downloads, I think the real things that matters with app searching is based on keywords that are mentioned on the your android app, the better keywords the more downloads…